In Truly Outrageous Segment, NBC Reporter Says China ‘Helped’ Us with COVID by ‘Delaying’ It

I’ll make a bet that there are many in the media and on the Democratic side of the aisle who actually believe Trump sent the military into China to spread the virus.

They are not afraid of embarrassing themselves either.  Kier Simmons, an NBC reporter, is a prime example of that.

Simmons says we owe China a debt of thanks for hiding the fact that the DTMNBN (Disease That Must Not Be Named) was an epidemic there as they lied to the DCD and the WHO about the scope of the disease.

With more time to prepare, things might have been different. One doctor claims that 95% of today’s infections would not have happened had China been truthful and transparent.

Simmons said:

“China initially downplayed the threat, but Asia’s experience of viruses like SARS meant millions of Chinese people were prepared for draconian measures, those who did not comply forced into quarantine.”

“And China and South Korea and those Asian countries, Hoda, may have helped Western Europe and America by delaying the arrival of the coronavirus here.”

“But now they are worrying that they may get reinfected by the coronavirus from the rest of the world.”

From The Western Journal:

Where are we when America’s fourth estate is willing to push Chinese communist propaganda in an attempt to damage Trump’s credibility?

Any assertion that the Chinese government did anything other than lie as it attempted to conceal the initial outbreak of the coronavirus is the epitome of fake news.

As Axios reported this week, Chinese officials went to great lengths to disseminate false information regarding the spread of the novel coronavirus and punished doctors and other health experts who attempted to warn others about the danger it posed.

In a detailed timeline of China’s massive deception, Axios reported that “if Chinese authorities had acted three weeks earlier than they did, the number of coronavirus cases could have been reduced by 95% and its geographic spread limited.”

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