Illegal Alien Issued Ticket for “Careless Driving” After Killing Mother, Two Children and Grandmother Near Walt Disney World

Florida needs new rules for killing people in car accidents through carelessness.

An illegal alien ran into the back of a rental van, causing it to roll over and killing four people, a mother, two of her children, and the grandmother. The father, two children, and the grandfather survived.

Elizabeth Warren immediately protested against the Smith family claiming the fact that the accident killed the women while men survived is misogynistic.

The illegal alien driver got a ticket for careless driving, the harshest penalty allowed by Florida law.

Lucas Dos Reis Laurindo, the driver of the truck is being held for visa violations.

This was a tragedy of monumental proportions, and it explains why illegal aliens should not be allowed to live anywhere legally within this country.

Illegals kill approximately 4,200 people a year on our highways.

WCVB reported:

The driver of a truck that rear-ended a minivan carrying a Whitman family near Walt Disney World in Florida, killing four people, has been cited, the Florida Highway Patrol said.

The Smith family was in a rental van on Feb. 18 when they were rear-ended by a pickup truck on State Road 429 near Celebration, Florida, according to police.

“Lucas Dos Reis Laurindo was driving a 2016 Ram 3500 truck. He failed to slow as he approached the rear of a 2020 Toyota Sienna van. The front of the truck struck the rear of the van. The van overturned onto its side after the impact,” Florida Highway Patrol said.

The van rolled over, killing 5-year-old Scarlett Smith; her mother, 41-year-old Julie Smith, of Whitman; and her grandmother, 76-year-old Josephine Fay, of Weymouth.

Jaxson Smith, 11, later died of his injuries at Arnold Palmer Children’s Hospital, according to Florida Highway Patrol officials.

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