Ilhan Omar Asked Do You Regret Anti-Semitic Rhetoric? “I Do Not …” Then Seems To Contradict Herself, Goes On To Insist She Is Not An AntiSemite [Opinion]

Kirsters Baish’s Opinion| This week, Democratic Congresswoman Ilhan Omar of Minnesota claimed that she doesn’t regret the anti-Semitic remarks she made about Israel and those who support the country.

The Somali-American lawmaker joined CBS’ Gayle King this week, saying, “Oftentimes there are things that you might say that might not hold weight for you but for someone else. The way that we hear and consume information is very different than how the next person might.”

So you don’t regret your words either?” questioned King.

Omar answered, I do not but I…am grateful for the opportunity to really learn how my words made people feel and have taken every single opportunity I’ve gotten to make sure people understood that I apologize for it…”

King then asked, Would you like to make it clear that you are not anti-Semitic?”

Oh certainly not, yes,” Omar simply answered.

King then questioned again, “Would you like to make that clear?

“Yes and nothing I said, at least to me, was meant for that purpose,” Omar insisted.

Welcome to 1984. I do not know about you, but that sounded like the worst double speak I’ve ever read.  She does not regret saying things people took as anti semitic but she doesn’t want to take it back, but she’s not an antisemite.

There seem to be two sets of rules for situations where words offend.  When Trump speaks and the left does not like it, all that matters is how the left interprets his words, not the words themselves or the context.

When a Democrat speaks, they can double down, say they do not apologize, then go on to say that they did not mean their words they way they were interpreted by those hurt or attacked by the statement in question.

According to the, “Omar ignited a firestorm in February when she suggested that American political support for Israel is all about money. The Congresswoman responded to a tweet about lawmakers and their defense of Israel, writing, ‘It’s all about the Benjamins baby.’ She then suggested that the advocacy group, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) bought off politicians. The congresswoman responded ‘AIPAC!’ when one individual on Twitter asked who she thought paid American politicians to be pro-Israel.”

House Democrats went so far as to release a rare joint statement because Omar’s comments were so offensive. In the statement, they called on Omar to issue an apology for her “deeply offensive” comments.

“…Congresswoman Omar’s use of anti-Semitic tropes and prejudicial accusations about Israel’s supporters is deeply offensive. We condemn these remarks and we call upon Congresswoman Omar to immediately apologize for these hurtful comments,” the statement read.

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