Intellectual Froglegs

Born in Dallas Texas, and raised in the hills of eastern Kentucky….

Joe Dan Gorman spent most of his adult life in the southern Arizona real estate investment market…. Where he served as broker, investor and private consultant. He was vice-president of the largest (at the time) real estate investment company in Southern Arizona.

When the real estate market collapsed in 2007, in combination with a multi-year custody battle for his son— Joe Dan lost everything. Within a 3 month period, Joe Dan’s Dad died, his son was taken and his livelihood collapsed.

He’s says “at least I didn’t burst into flames.”

Suddenly Joe Dan went from a beautiful home in the Catalina foothills….to living and working in an unfinished basement for the next six years.

In May of 2008 Joe Dan, almost 50 years of age at the time— moved to his Aunt Jean’s Kansas City basement. And he could not find a job anywhere…. doing anything, not even working in fast food restaurants.

In 2009, Joe Dan produced his very first video on a laptop and the free Windows Movie Maker software that came with the computer. “I will follow him” was the title and it hit over 200,000 views. Soon thereafter, he became a semi-regular on KMBZ AM- Radio in Kansas City…. until he was banned after the station took a liberal slant.

In 2011, Joe Dan who was about to be baptized— was ‘dis-invited’ from his baptism KC church for asking too many questions. He wrote about that here.

It was shortly after that when Joe Dan said God came into his life via the basement, and just a few months later— in 2012, Joe Dan created Intellectual Froglegs.

In 2013, he was nominated for Video Blogger of the Year at CPAC in Washington DC.

And now… his job is Intellectual Froglegs, where he makes just enough to produce the next episode.

Joe Dan has rejected corporate affiliations that require him to compromise his core Christian beliefs.

UPDATE: Through the grace of God, eight years later Joe Dan was reunited with his son JD in May of 2015. JD moved in with his Dad

Stay tuned.

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