Unhinged Hollywood Actor Launches Sick Attack on Melania Trump Calls Her a “Dumb FKC!!!” and “Dumb Animal” After She Posts Calming Tweet Concerning Coronavirus Crisis

Opinion| On Thursday First Lady Melania Trump posted a video of herself addressing the nation to her Twitter account.

The statement she read was not controversial in the least.  You can read the text below:

‘Today I want to speak to you about Coronavirus and what it means for you and your family.

What changes need to be made now, this is not how we will live forever.

Our children will return to school, people will return to work.

We will gather at places of worship, concerts, and sporting events again.

I urge you to stay connected to family and loved ones through video chats, phone calls, social media, and other safe technologies.

Please be sure to follow CDEC guidelines, which can be found at Coronavirus.gov or CDC.gov, along with other information and resources. 

Stay safe, and remember: while many of us are apart, we are all in this together. ‘

Here is the Tweet:

For some reason this triggered the washed up actor, Michael Rapaport and he lashed in epic fashion.

Michael, has appeared in 60 films or so according to IMDB, which is funny because I don’t recall seeing him in any of them.

What I know Mr. Rapaport from his the vulgar sexual slurs that he threw at the Covington Catholic School boys following their confrontation with a tribal drummer:

Here is the full, uncut video which the media refused to show you:

Here is Rapaport’s ‘hot take’ … which is still live on Twitter btw:

Classy guy, no?

His attack on the First Lady was not much better:

“Look at this DUMB FKC!!! She thinks this is SEXXXY TIME? Dumb FKC! You dumb animal @FLOTUS”

Apparently being the loudest ****** on Twitter gets you some attention, something Micheal seems to miss these days.

How about this lovely rant … which has garnered a whopping 209 likes … in the last 2.5 years or so (WARNING LANGUAGE):

I challenge you to go to a Trump rally and then attend a Democrat protest and compare the nature of the messages and demeanor of the people, how positive vs negative each side is.  Then compare the protest area once they leave, see which group left the ground in better condition.

I think it will soon become apparent who the ‘tolerant’ and ‘loving’ ones are …

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