He’s Consistent: Basim Omar Sabri Is A Convicted Felon Who Regularly Raises Funds for Hamas and Ilhan Omar

Basim Omar Sabri, a Palestinian-born American, regularly raises money for Ilhan Omar and the Hamas terrorists.

He owns a wide variety of properties that are dilapidated and which have earned him 182 citations for unsafe buildings.

Ilhan Omar praised him for having the first Somali mall in the USA. Of course, she said that before the building collapsed.

One of his dilapidated buildings was the site of an accident caused by failing to bring the building up to code, resulting in severe injuries to two small children.

Sabri also served prison time for paying three bribes to a Minneapolis city council member to help “fix” zoning problems he was having in erecting a large hotel in the city.

Below is a report of “the first Somali mall in the USA”  that collapsed:

Sabri and his friends also celebrate the martyrdom of Palestinian terrorists:

Sabri and his friends also are connected to major Democrat politicians:

(Below is the overall summary on Sabri)

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