Acting DNI Richard Grenell Promises More Documents to Come

Richard Grenell, acting head of the DNI says he is planning on releasing more documents before he turns the agency over to former Rep John Ratcliffe.

This will include the transcripts of the phone calls between Gen Michael Flynn and his soon to be counterpart Russian Ambassador Sergy Kislyak. That may not be what the Democrats really want to be released.

Flynn’s lawyer claims that despite the mainstream media assertion that Flynn discussed sanctions with Kislyak, the only reference was Flynn asking Kislyak not to react to the last minute sanctions against Russia by Barack Obama by doing more than an even response so as to not escalate the problem.

Flynn’s lawyer, Sidney Powell has offered to bet anyone $1,000 dollars on it and there have been no takers. Does she already know what’s in the transcript? And if she is right, that will be another thing the FBI will have to answer for.

Grenell made his announcement in reply to criticism by noted liar Eric Swalwell. Grenell noted that Swalwell heard witness after witness denies having any proof of collusion between Donald Trump or any member of his campaign and Russia, yet he appeared on television claiming there was more than ample proof of collusion.

From The Gateway Pundit



Swalwell made the comments after recent documents confirm the Russia collusion investigation was a complete hoax and excuse by the Obama administration to spy on the opposition party during the 2016 election.

Swalwell and The Daily Beast are obviously still shamelessly pushing the debunked Russia conspiracy.

Of course, this is more proof that you can NEVER trust the liberal media or lying Democrat politicians.

The Russia collusion was completely debunked with the Mueller probe and every day since then.ri

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