Gowdy Sends Warning Message To McCabe: You’re Not Out of the Woods Yet [VIDEO]

If you think Andrew McCabe is now in the clear after a member of the Deep State in the Department of Justice refused to indict him (despite the fact that he actually confessed to lying and leaking before the US Congress), the smoke has not cleared yet.

Trey Gowdy says not so fast. He says McCabe is not out of the woods for his crimes — and he is right.

This is where the genius of AG Bill Barr shines through.

When he set John Durham as special counsel, he did one thing different from others who appointed investigators.

He also made Durham the prosecutor, meaning that no Deep State operative can throw out his criminal referrals because he, and he alone, makes that decision.

Also, McCabe was let off the hook for lying to Congress and leaking to the press, which Roger Stone was charged with and convicted.

But, there are more charges stemming from the FISA abuse and the Great Russia Collusion Hoax, which are much more serious crimes.

And once again, the Deep State cannot bail him out on this one.

He will also have to explain why he did not recuse himself after Hillary bagman Terry McAuliffe donated over $400,000 to McCabe’s wife for her unsuccessful run for Congress.

From The Gateway Pundit:

This was a powerful interview with one of the two Republican lawmakers who reviewed the un-redacted classified documents in the Spygate scandal.

Gowdy initially explained that Andrew McCabe was exonerated for his conduct leaking classified documents during the election to the Wall Street Journal… BUT McCabe has not been exonerated for his actions regarding the FISA warrant scandal to spy on the Trump campaign and then President Trump.

Trey Gowdy: He escapes indictment from that narrow fact pattern, but that has nothing to do with FISA or the initiation of Russia and any other potential misconduct that Andrew McCabe may have engaged in… He certainly is someone John Durham would want to talk to.

So McCabe is NOT out of the woods yet for his criminal behavior.

There is much more from this interview that we will include in a separate post.

Via Sunday Morning Futures:

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