Gowdy Risks His Life To Tell Bartiromo The FBI’s Darkest Secret. The Plot Is Worse Than You Know: “There’s a Lot Left to be Seen by Your Viewers”

Elder P’s Opinion| Trey Gowdy joined Maria Bartiromo this morning to discuss how Obama’s intelligence agencies determined that Russian intervened in the 2016 presidential election to help Donald Trump.

Gowdy is the former South Carolina Republican who served as Chairman of the House Oversight Committee until January of this year when he left congress.

As you listen to Gowdy you wonder how long he’s known what he discusses with Ms. Bartiromo and why we’re only hearing about it now?

Gowdy explains the difference between intelligence assessments, and the evidentiary foundation necessary to build a legal case.  As he explains, it raises the specter that excuse opens the door for ex-CIA Chief John Brennan to skate on his misdeeds.

“… the intelligence community is always really skittish when people look at their work product.  You know they don’t deal in evidence. They don’t deal in evidentiary burdens or thresholds. They deal in assessments.

“… I can think of some famous examples in the past where their assessments were wrong…”

Was anyone ever held accountable for their erroneous – but unanimous – assessment that Saddam Hussein was in possession of weapons of mass destruction?  

Except, of course, the American men and women who lost their lives, limbs, and emotional well-being  fighting the war that resulted.

So a jackwat like Brennan essentially used his position to conduct a political assassination of Donald Trump with impunity, simply by injecting his “assessment” into the criminal justice system (FBI) and letting them carry the ball from there.

Gowdy lists a series of incriminating evidentiary revelations that will not reflect well on the FBI’s integrity if/when Attorney General William Barr makes them public:

  • Why didn’t the FBI enter the incriminating notes that State Department employee Kathleen Kavalec took during her meeting with/about Christopher Steele into their FISA court warrant application?
  • Why hasn’t the FBI ever revealed their own assessment about the reliability/unreliability of Christopher Steele, the man who compiled the fake dossier, using third person accounts, that was used to secure the FISA warrant from the FISC.  

Steele was dismissed as a witness by the FBI for undisclosed reasons.

  • The FBI and the DOJ hid exculpatory evidence about George Papadopoulos.

Gowdy saved the biggest bombshell for last:

Here’s one, Maria, have you seen the disparate defensive briefings they gave candidate Clinton versus Candidate Trump? And has anyone asked the FBI to explain why they took entirely different tracks to those two debriefings? There’s a lot left to be seen by you and your viewers.

Gowdy coming forward at this point?  It sounds like he’s as frustrated as the rest of us with the slow release of information.  It’s looking like those of us hoping Barr breaks through the protective cover of the Deep State are banking on a miracle.


  • If nothing else just bet both the Billarys on one ticket for collusion with the Russians to subvert an election. Should be good enough for about 10yr. Plenty of time to think, jwstx

  • Tell me I’m dreaming. Did I hear it said that the FBI cut all ties with Steele. Surely you jest. Lets say that Comey cut the ties to Steele since Comey was well aware that Cillary Hinton was paying for it. ……and did I hear James Clapper throwing the EX President under the freight train?

    • he may be a great American but his investigatory activities while the republicans held the house majority produced no indictments and perp walks . . . opportunities wasted.

    • I wish somehow he would be appointed AG I think he would be putting people in jail left and right and yes we should pray for him before the Clinton mafia kills him

    • By all means David. I for one am and have been praying for him. Hated to see him retire. He is one of very few willing to battle to get the truth out. How many more connected to the Clintons must die?

  • There is so much more hidden from view, and many people in the FBI, DOJ and DOS are shaking in their boots about the possibility of it being relieved. It is so interesting that Gowdy remains steadfast in his refusal to talk about the sensitive, confidential and secret information uncovered by his investigation. He is an honorable man, as is Nunes and others who have seen the incriminating evidence and remained true to their oath. I wonder how many Democrats in a similar situation would be as honorable? We already know Adam Schiff would be calling the media to spill everything in a flash.

  • On and on it goes. Nothing happens to these crooks in the swamp. They are immune and they know it. Thus they continue to build their wall of defense. That’s the wall we should put at the border.

  • Both sides keep their followers dangling with “a criminal referral will be issued soon”. Each side thinks that the other is based on fake news and both sides are frustrated and angered when it doesn’t happen. Ah yes, the swamp runs deep on the left and the right.


    • Trey has already been attacked maybe 2-3 years ago, it changed his pro vote to have guns, someone obviously went after him and family with a gun, changed his nature… I think he’s back but is leavin the scene of a huge ‘accidentally on purpose’ bunch of Obummer admin, G Sorehose and the Clintons with their cartel friends. Death threats come straight from the Clintons and friends…

  • No One Skates,slap on the wrist etc.. all money,property should be seized from these Traitors. All Passports secure so no one escapes Justice. The Best level of Security Provided to all who come forward for Justice to be Served on each and everyone.Accountability needed at many levels Party Doesn’t Matter.

  • The question is will anybody actually be held accountable for one of the biggest frauds ever perpetuated against a citizen, starting right at the top with Hussein all the way down.

  • If something happens, arrest and convict them all based upon the ‘assessment’ they had motive and opportunity.


  • I’m not in a big hurry to see people jailed. Give them time to tie up loose ends and possibly find evidence against others.

    If you notice accusations have been slow however, my guess is conservatives are only making them when they have actual evidence.

    Also much of the investigation is taking place right in front of our eyes and away from government influence. Judaical Watch among others are finding stuff through FOIA requests, if you think Trump among other are ignoring this you are quite naive. In fact they are likely looking at unredatced versions of things they dig up. My opinion is much of the investigation is leading to bigger fish like Obama, Soros, Zuckerberg, among others and they don’t want to reveal this yet.

    Think about the things you don’t hear about much like say Benghazi. I vaguely remember manifests and authorizations being mentioned and during every hearing all witnesses plead the fifth when asked about the weapons.

    One point that never seems to be mentioned NSA and FISA warrants are normally kept quiet. Obama used them illegally against Trump. Both can also be used legally.

    Lastly sometime applying pressure from a different direction will get exactly what you want. Hitlerys server was sending all her emails to a dropbox owned by a Chinese company do you think it was the only private server in use? Whats the possibility they have emails from others as well? Maybe the tariffs have a dual purpose?

    Points are:
    Sometimes it’s better for the investigators to stay quiet so the guilty parties are not alerted. Some one not elected is pulling the strings IMHO and they want to bring those people down as well.

    With the amount of publicly available evidence that points to the guilt of many I’m sure they have much more that we have not seen yet. I’d also guess that it like an onion carefully peeling back one layer leads to another and another until you get to the core, hitting it with a hammer destroys most of the onion.

  • Trey Gowdy should have been the replacement AG instead of Barr. Then you would have seen a shake up in the DOJ, the FBI, and the CIA like there should have been. Trey is one of a kind. A true patriot and probably one of the best prosecutors that ever walked this earth. I hope for his sake and his families that he has security, as I wouldn’t put anything past Obama’s henchmen who was the one who orchestrated this whole debacle.

  • Some of our conservative?? leaders need to show much more backbone and stand up with Trey & Tom Fitten and Hannity, and all the others who have tried to stop this socialist/communist/muslim takeover of our country. the republican effort has been pitiful.

  • Draining the swamp is going to take a lot of good and brave Americans. There a lot of thugs in positions they are not qualified for.


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