Giuliani Exposes Bolton and Biden: “I Don’t Know what John’s Up To. He’s Either a Liar or a Backstabber”

OPINION| Mark Sidney|  Don't look now but Maria Bartiromo is rabidly becoming the most impressive, cut throat, pull no punches, ask the hard questions, force the hacks to act, hosts in the dinosaur media.

Her hit show, ‘Sunday Morning Futures', has entered the realm of must watch TV for those of us who want to see the people we put in power to purge the corruption from Washington, have their feet held to the fire.

The clip that made me start following Ms. Bartiromo more closely was this exchange with Lindsey Graham in which she called the self serving deceptiCON out for having done ****all to uncover any corruption:

The article was entitled ‘Fox’s Bartiromo Calls Out Sen. Graham: “My Viewers Are Frustrated, When Can We Expect You Subpoenaing People?”

Today Maria had President Trump's long term pal and one of his current attorneys, Rudy Giuliani on the show.

The Gateway Pundit reported:

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