George Soros Groups Pushing Democrat Scheme for Mail-In Voting

If you wanted to make sure no Republican ever gets elected to any office all you have to do is have all voting done by mail.

Nancy Pelosi says that it will require $2 billion to vote by mail. I assume that’s because of all of the stamps the DNC will need to send in their phony ballots.

Also, throw in the same-day registration to be doubly sure. The votes have to be certified before anyone could prove voter fraud and by then there will be no Republican in government to complain.

The Democrats and their willing accomplices, the Hollywood nimrods like Meathead, Alyssa Milano and Jennifer garner are all pushing it.

What the Democrats can’t win at the ballot box, they can win at the mailbox. Pelosi read about it in the book she just got. Voter Fraud For Dummies.

In addition, George Soros has set about sending all of his financed groups into the fray to convince voters it’s a good idea to vote by mail.

Democrats already win lots of elections up to a week after election day. Imagine that same thing 50 times over. It would be nearly impossible to prove voter fraud.

From Breitbart News

Soros’s Open Society Foundations have long sought to change the way Americans vote, also funding groups looking to expand the use of electronic and online voting systems nationwide.

Leading the mail-in ballot charge is the Brennan Center for Justice, located at NYU School of Law. The Brennan Center is heavily financed by Soros’s Open Society Foundations and is the recipient of numerous Open Society grants.  Breitbart News previously reported the Brennan Center was listed in leaked Open Society Foundations documents as receiving funds specifically earmarked for “litigation to expand access to registration and improve ease of voting.”

Alongside the Brennan Center are a slew of progressive groups tied to Soros money that are working overtime to push mail-in voting. Some of the groups are using the coronavirus crisis to advocate permanent changes to the way Americans vote.

The Brennan Center released a blueprint for voting reform, in response to the coronavirus pandemic, that has been widely cited by news media as making a central argument for a universal vote-by-mail option.

The Brennan document was spotlighted by such outlets as the New York Times, Washington Post, Axios, Politico, the Guardian, and Reuters among many others.

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