Fleccas Talks

In February 2017, I taped a cheap microphone to a wooden spoon and started filming man-on-the-street style interviews with protesters in Los Angeles and New York as part of a satirical field report segment that exposes all the COMEDY GOLD that fake news organizations like CNNHuffPoThe Young TurksVox, and MSNBC aren't covering in current protest culture: ignorant and misinformed liberals shouting vulgar slogans, conspiracy theories, and absurd alternate history among leftist activists engaging in civic disruption, vandalism, violence, and other commie funded subversion. 

I named the segment FLECCAS TALKS.

Over the span of a few months, I've been interviewed on NBC LATheRebel, InfoWarsThe Gavin McInnes ShowFOX's Tucker Carlson Tonight, and The Daily Wire. I've surpassed 3.5 million views on my YouTube channel and my platform is growing everyday, but YouTube has recently disabled monetization on my videos (which was only a few bucks anyway). I have big plans to expand my content with sketches, a talk show, a university and protest tourlive panels, and a comedy news segment, but I CAN'T PRODUCE ANY OF THIS CONTENT WITHOUT YOUR HELP!
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