DTMNBN Deal Falls Apart Because Democrats Insist on Greatly Increasing Public Funding of Planned Parenthood

The much awaited DTMNBN (Disease That Must Not Be Named) stimulus plan fell apart on Sunday as the Democrat’s blood lust takes priority over everyday Americans. Please explain to me why we need to increase funding for an entity that exists to kill of guest children and undocumented babies. I fail to see the connection, especially when Planned Parenthood ends up making a profit thanks to the nearly $600 million in taxpayer dollars they make every year.

Once the news of the failed bill hit the streets, stock market futures tanked once again. Whose side are the Democrats on? Certainly not ours. If they want more funding for PP, let them offer up a bill authorizing more money, but don’t hold the country’s health and financial stability hostage to do so.

Nancy Pelosi has announced that she plans on writing herm own bill that should gum up the, works for a while. What you and I see as obstructionism, the Democrats see as campaign strategy and let the common man be damned.

From Breitbart News

According to the Hill:

A Democratic aide said that the small business provision was drafted to exclude non-profits who receive Medicaid from being eligible for Small Business Administration assistance offered under the bill. That, according to the aide, would impact Planned Parenthood but also community health centers, rape crisis centers and disability service providers.

Planned Parenthood is identified as a nonprofit, not a small business.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said Sunday she will be moving ahead with her own emergency relief package and ended hopes for an immediate vote in the Senate to further assistance for the nation in the midst of the crisis caused by the virus that originated in China.

Breitbart News reported:

Senate Republicans and the White House have insisted that they will continue to push for the $1.6 trillion economic relief package, which would include $350 billion in support for small businesses and $250 billion for unemployment insurance. The package would also include direct cash payments to individuals around $1,200 per individual, with additional funds going to families with children.

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