Doctor In Italy – We No Longer Provide Respirators For Those Over 60

Democrats say that because we do not have socialized medicine in the United States, the DTMNBN (Disease That Must Not Be Named) crises is worse than it has to be, but what three countries have the worst record on the disease and what is their healthcare systems? China, Iran and Italy. All three have socialized medicine and now Italy has their very own death panel.

If you live in Italy, have the disease and are over age 60, make out your will quickly and don’t buy any green bananas because it would be a risky investment for you. That is because, thanks to socialized medicine that made equipment purchases out  the reach of many hospitals since cutting costs is a necessity in socialized medicine.

It reminds me of the story of the two guys who went hunting. One of them ducked behind a tree to relieve himself and was bitten by a snake. The other guy ran back to the car and called his doctor and explained the situation and how the other hunter got bit where the sun never shines.

The doctor told him to make a cross at the bite ark with a knife and suck the poison out or his buddy will die. He runs back into the woods and upon seeing him, the afflicted hunter asked him what the doctor said. “The doctor say you gonna die.” That’s socialized medicine.

From Jeffrey Lord

An alarming report from the Jerusalem Post describes how doctors in Corona-torn Italy have been instructed not to offer access to ventilators to patients over 60 as these machines are in short supply.

Israeli doctor Gai Peleg, working in Parma, Italy, said that things “are only getting worse as the number of patients keeps growing.”

Dr. Peleg says from what he sees and hears in the hospital, the instructions are “not to offer access to artificial respiratory machines to patients over 60 as such machines are limited in number.”

President Trump acknowledged the possibility of a ventilator shortage during a press conference in the Rose Garden on Friday and said his advisers have are attempting to address it.

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