Do Senator Warner’s Private Text Messages Reveal Coup Plot Against President Trump? We Think So, You Decide

OPINION| SPECULATION| Lawrence David| Evidence continues to boil to the surface that explains Democrats’ rush to impeach without even the thinnest evidence.

Why?  Why would Democrats be so desperate as to run headlong into an impeachment they couldn’t make the slightest case to prove?  What was so imminent that they couldn’t wait?

A cynic might suggest that Democrats didn’t wait for court ordered subpoenas because they knew that even if the court ordered them they were unlikely to produce any substantive evidence against President Trump.

Instead they rushed ahead with impeachment, relying on corrupt media allies to make the argument that President Trump was obviously hiding something.

The desperation on the part of Democrats was palpable.  What are they so afraid of?

The transcript of the phone call between President Trump and Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy gives us important insight.  One question from President Trump, in particular, provides insight. 

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