Despicable Hillary Clinton Mocks The Sicknesses And Deaths Of American Coronavirus Victims Just To Take A Shot At Trump, Says He Promised ‘America First’.

Trump Derangement Syndrome is a real thing and it can cause otherwise reasonable people to say some of the most abhorrent things.

Being on Twitter makes it simpler for someone to say these types of things and not consider the consequences of what they are saying.

That is what happened on Friday when former Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton tweeted a link to story about coronavirus.

The former secretary of state tweeted a story about how the United States has soared to the top spot in terms of coronavirus cases.

It is a sad story but in a nation of 327 million who have the ability to travel as they wish it is not that surprising.

But to Clinton it was an opportunity to mock President Donald Trump when she captioned the story “He did promise ‘America First.’”

She was attacked quickly by Republicans and others for the insensitive and offensive tweet.

“Delete your account. This isn’t the time. This can’t be the new normal, where American tragedy is applauded for the sake of political opportunism,” Texas Rep. Rep. Dan Crenshaw said.

“Not the first time you’ve laughed as Americans died,” One America News Network reporter Jack Posobiec said.

“Delete this. And then delete your account,” Twitchy editor Sam Janney said.

“You’re even more despicable than I thought. You’re parroting Communist China’s propaganda during a global crisis caused by China and the worst part is you’re doing it knowingly because you know better from your time in government. You know damn well China lied about their #’s,” producer and director Robby Starbuck said.

“This tweet makes clear we all made the right choice. You don’t love America, you love power. I can sleep well though because I know that you’ll never be President of the United States,” he said.

The tweet was abhorrent, but it does not appear that anyone in the mainstream media wants to report on it or ask her about it.

Imagine the response on MSNBC, CNN and the New York Times if President Trump had said anything resembling this.

But in the United States the media often acts as an arm of the Democrat Party and they protect their own.

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