Democrat Presidential Candidate Joe Biden’s Charitable Organizations Refuse to Reveal Sources of their Funding (i.e. China)

Bring on the Special Counsel. Not only do we have Joe Biden on tape proposing a quid pro quo deal to Petro Poroshenko, the former president of Ukraine, but now we have the mystery of where all of the money that Biden’s three nonprofits came from and who contributed them?

All three, The University of Pennsylvania’s Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement, the domestic policy-focused Biden Institute at the University of Delaware and the Biden Cancer Initiative, were started in 2017 and none of them will say where their money comes from.

Let the Special Counsel, Chris Christie go to work on Ukraine and then expand into the nonprofits. I know a lot of you will not like my choice of Chris Christie but as a prosecutor of Democratic corruption, he has tried 140 cases and acquired 140 convictions. ‘Nuff said?

The Washington Free Beacon said:

All three entities have refused to reveal the sources of their funding, a potential landmine for the Democrats’ presumptive presidential nominee that raises questions about the influence of individual, corporate, and foreign donations on the presidential candidate.

The lack of transparency has drawn the attention of a watchdog group that is now demanding that the federal government investigate whether foreign money has flowed to the Biden Center in Philadelphia.

From The Gateway Pundit

China and traitorous US politicians put in place trade deals that were one sided in China’s favor.  Along with this, China stole as much intellectual property as it could get its hands on from US companies through manufacturing deals in China and outright theft.

China is more than willing to give a few million to a bogus Biden entity and in return gain multi-millions in research and development that it can literally steal through Biden’s initiatives in the Northeast.  But then again, this is par for the course with Biden.  His family benefited from his time in office, like the family of a mob boss.  Biden’s son Hunter benefited from $1.5 billion in investments from China during Biden’s time in office, for example.

Senator Ted Cruz commented on the Biden Center too:


While President Trump stands up to China, the Obama Administration and Obama’s Vice President Biden were happy to sell out America for pennies on the dollar with China.  It’s not even a question on which the 2020 candidate would be best for the US in dealing with China.

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