Cuomo’s New York Releases Child Sex Offenders From Prison, Pays To Put Them Up In The Holiday Inn

Opinion| Steven Ahle| Governor Andrew Cuomo’s New York has released 50 additional criminals from prison, including 8 sex offenders, including three child rapists. The state had determined that three of the sex offenders are likely to repeat their crimes.

When the program was announced they specified that the prisoners they would be releasing would be non violent offenders.

Since when is child rape not a violent crime? Is Harvey Weinstein one of them?

The order that came down last Friday calls for the release of 1,100 criminals.

That’s why gun shops should be considered essential services because society must protect itself because Democratic politicians won’t do it for them.

Greece Chief of Police Patrick Phelan blasted the move:

“It doesn’t make any sense. If you could present an argument to me that makes sense, I’m willing to listen. But this doesn’t make any sense. So you have a violent criminal who’s done time in state prison who’s been given the chance of parole, and not followed the conditions of their parole. That’s who you’re talking about right now.”

From The Blaze

Then on Sunday, WIVB-TV reported that more than 50 prisoners, including eight sex offenders, had been released from the Monroe County Jail over the weekend.

The report added that three of the sex offenders released are considered “most likely to re-offend” by the state:

The Monroe County Sheriffs’ Office said that more than 50 prisoners have been released from the Monroe County Jail on Saturday. Nine of those inmates are now staying at the Holiday Inn Express in Greece, [NY].

Among the inmates known to be staying at the Holiday Inn Express are four registered sex offenders. Three of whom are registered as level 3 sex offenders and are deemed by New York courts as most likely to re-offend. All three of the level 3 sex offenders staying at the Holiday Inn Express have been convicted for the rape of minors.

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