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The Range is partnering with high-quality content creators to help us build a platform that eliminates the reliance on the tech tyrants at Youtube (Google), Facebook, Twitter, etc… for monetization of content. This is an EXCLUSIVE opportunity as live streaming and on-demand channels will be limited to only a handful of the best creators in the field.

The Range is a subscription based platform, so customers that you refer will pay a minimum (see FAQ's) of $10.00 per month or $100.00 per year. You keep 80% of the net revenue from each payment for as long as those customers remain a member. These are monthly, recurring payments. As an example, if you were to add 5 new customers per day at $10.00 / month, within a year you could be earning over $13,500/month (even if YouTube, Patreon, Paypal or whoever else terminates your account).

Another important thing to consider is that you are not just promoting your own content. You belong to an exclusive group of professionals who are the best and brightest in our market. You can leverage the content of the other quality creators on the network and we will continue to only add exceptional creators to the lineup. While you are growing your viewer base on The Range, you can consider this a safety valve in the event Paypal, Patreon or YouTube decide your account somehow violates their newly altered Terms of Service.

We do not require you to change anything you are currently doing each day. Your daily routine will remain the same. Just upload your content to your new Range channel after you finish uploading it to your other platforms.

Listen, we know that our voices are under attack and being being shut down daily. The sooner we all become autonomous from the leftist, Silicon Valley tech tyrants the better.

How Much Can You Earn?

Below you can find a helpful tool to play with – just move sliders to change subscribers' number and Subscription Fee. You can use it as a reference in order to estimate your potential monthly revenue.

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Here Are Some Other FAQ's:

Absolutely not! In fact this is the driving factor behind why you need to join us in this fight. 

Here is a quick list of what we would like you to do.

  1. Mention to your viewers during your videos that if they want to support your channel they can, by clicking your unique affiliate link.
  2. Put your unique affiliate link in the description of each of your videos.
  3. Upload your video archives to fill your Range channel. Start with 10 of your recent videos. (We can assist with this)
  4. Upload your new videos as they are created.
  5. Continue to make the amazing videos you are doing each day.

We would love it if you could make content that is exclusively for Range Broadcasting members, but it is not mandatory. If you have some uncut clips or director cuts, we would love to have that extra content. Maybe you feel a video is too risky for YT, you can always send it to us. This is optional and we truly don't want this
to hinder your work in any way. This is about giving you fewer worries, not adding to them.

Here we can also assist you, but you will need the following:

  1. A banner and profile image. We will provide you the specifications
  2. Upload your videos 

No it's 100% free. We are inviting you to join us in this venture.

You do, you always retain copy right ownership.

You are not limited to the minimum membership fee. You can create your own levels just like Patreon and Subscribestar and offer your subscribers perks for different levels. The minimum level for access to the archives and other offers on The Range is $10.00 / mo or $100 / year.

Yes. Any of your current subscribers paying more than the $10/mo minimum can get access to content on The Range website and Paid TV, OTT channels. 

Heck yes! Our sister company, TeeFundit, gives us a huge cost savings on merchandise. 

Spreely is our sister social media platform with over 50,000 members and growing very fast. All of your customers will get a Spreely Gold membership and you will have a Certified Media Partner badge on the platform.

You can watch live and on demand our website, on our App, on Roku, AppleTV, FireTV, GoogleTV and Android TV. You can also listen on Spreaker. 

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