Coming To A Blue State Near You, Virginia House Passes Northam’s Gun Ban by Narrow 51-48 Vote

On Tuesday, the anti-Second Amendment Democrats in the Virginia House of Delegates approved HB961, sending the gun, magazine, trigger activator, and suppressor ban to the Virginia state Senate after a narrow vote of 51-48.

The only bipartisan thing about the vote was the vote against, where some Democrats joined Republicans in voting against it.

No Republicans supported the bill, because Republicans believe that individuals have a God-given right to protect themselves.

After modifying the bill to bring more Democrats on board by removing a provision that made it a felony to possess a magazine that can hold more than 12 rounds, they instead made it a misdemeanor.

They touted the provision as trying to stop a weapon of war, which makes zero sense.  So, the Democrats want you to believe that while you fire up to 12 bullets, you’re not using a weapon of war, but when you fire the 13th round, you’re a soldier using a weapon of war.(?)

It looks like the Democrats who supported the bill are just as bat-guano crazy as their moon-walking governor who fully supports the progressive actions taken against law-abiding gun owners in the commonwealth mainly for political survival after it was revealed he’s a racist.

A Republican who did the things he has done in his life would never have survived, so all the lawmakers supporting these bans should be voted out of office.

By the way, I still don’t know if Ralph Northam was the guy in blackface or, was he the one wearing the KKK outfit in the yearbook picture?  Apparently, supporting progressive policies will get you a pass for past activities that progressives love to virtue signal to the rest of us.

Apparently the comprehensive series of bills started out with everything Northam wanted, and with the backlash that was received, the Democrats are whittling it down to what they think they can get passed.

The difficult part is getting the bills passed, while the easier part is adding amendments to the bills once they become law.  That’s the use of incrementalism that progressives have mastered.  They’re certainly not listening to the people after witnessing the pro-Second Amendment rally recently held to protest the infringements on law-abiding gun owners’ rights.

Here’s the thing.  Progressives have always argued that after the 14th Amendment and the development of the incorporation doctrine, the Bill of Rights now applies to the states and not just the federal government.

I don’t believe that, but they do, and so it will be very interesting to watch how liberal activist judges rule on the plethora of lawsuits that will be filed, because every one of these bills are an infringement on the people’s right to keep and bear arms.

Pay attention to what happens in Virginia, as other blue states most certainly will follow.

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