Company Co-Founded by Pelosi’s Son, Charged W/ Securities Fraud & Connected to Ukraine

Opinion|  Let’s put a little context to former Vice President Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden’s Ukraine-China scandal that’s unfolding thanks to an investigation by President Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani.

Another prominent Democrat’s child was implicated in a different form of corporate corruption, in 2014, and, and was later tied to Ukraine, in 2017.  That was the son of the House Minority Leader and current Speaker of the House.

(Washington Free Beacon) The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) charged a company co-founded by Paul Pelosi Jr. with fraud on Wednesday after learning that two convicted criminals were running the business.

Paul Pelosi Jr., the son of House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.), was the president and chief operating officer of Natural Blue Resources Inc., an investment company he cofounded that focuses on “environmentally-friendly” ventures.

The SEC charged four individuals with fraud, including former New Mexico Gov. Toney Anaya, and suspended trading in the company’s stock. Pelosi owned over 10 million shares in the company in 2009.

The SEC said Wednesday the company was “secretly controlled” by James E. Cohen and Joseph Corazzi, both of whom had previous fraud convictions. 


The SEC suspended trading in Natural Blue stock. A notice filed in the Federal Register on Wednesday by Jill M. Peterson, assistant secretary of the SEC, revealed that the company has not filed any periodic reports, which are required by law, with the SEC in four years.

“It appears to the Securities and Exchange Commission that there is a lack of current and accurate information concerning the securities of Natural Blue Resources, Inc. because it has not filed any periodic reports since the period ended September 30, 2010,” Peterson said, in the order announcing suspension of trading.

The Free Beacon reported that Pelosi was still listed with The New Mexico Office of the Secretary of State Business Service Division as the president of Natural Blue at the time it filed the report.

The New Mexico Office of the Secretary of State Business Service Division had designated Natural Blue as a company “not in good standing.” 

Also,  the now-defunct Mountain View Telegraph also cited Pelosi as Natural Blue’s president in an article that ran the previous year.

Hunter Biden partnered with the nephew of mobster Whitey Bulger.  Now we learn that Paul Pelosi partnered with James E. Cohen and Joseph Corazzi, both of whom had previous fraud convictions. 

And then there’s this…

( House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s son Paul Pelosi Jr. visited Ukraine in 2017 to meet with government officials in connection to a business initiative. Now, unearthed records reveal that Paul Pelosi Jr. was an executive of a gas industry company that did business in Ukraine – and his mother Nancy Pelosi was featured in one of the company’s promotional videos.

If this report proves to be true, it adds to the growing suspicion that Ukraine was viewed as a piggy bank by powerful Democrats during the Obama administration.

Waiting on Rudy to tell us what his investigation turned up here …

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  • So you scooped everyone on this story, huh? That’s impressive. I haven’t read this story anywhere else. I would think a story of this magnitude would be blowing up across international media. I can’t Understand it isn’t, but I’m sure all the big outlets will be after you soon.


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