CNN Host Chris Cuomo, A Day After Being Diagnosed With Coronavirus, Lies About President Trump Again, Says He Called The Disease A Hoax

We all are concerned for CNN anchor Chris Cuomo since he was diagnosed with coronavirus this week, but he makes it tough.

He appeared on his show, “Cuomo Primetime” on Wednesday, a day after being diagnosed, and he promoted a debunked conspiracy theory.

The conspiracy theory, or as it should called – the lie that President Donald Trump called coronavirus a hoax.

“I wish I would have had it then so I could have told you then this is no joke,” the popular CNN host said.

“We are sleeping on something, and it is a mistake. And I would have had a different platform to jump on the president playing it as a hoax and playing politics with this.”

“One of the reasons we keep going back to that time is because it’s so painful that we blew our best chance.

“That’s why we keep going back to it. Especially when the president’s inability to own it makes a journalist, makes a conscientious person suspect that he’d do the same thing again. You see what I’m saying?”

This is a lie that the Democrats and their friends in the media keep peddling but it is untrue and any fact checking website will tell you that.

What the president said was what the Democrats were doing, in his opinion using coronavirus to attack him, was a hoax.

“Democrats are politicizing the coronavirus. … One of my people came up to me and said, Mr. President, they tried to beat you on Russia, Russia, Russia — that didn’t work out too well. They couldn’t do it,” the president said.

“They tried the impeachment hoax. That was a perfect conversation. They tried anything. They tried it over and over again,” he said.

“They’ve been doing it since you got in. It’s all turning. They lost. And this is their new hoax,” the president said.

But that does not matter to Democrats or the media. No one is going to call them on the lie and they are going to continue saying it.

The media no longer has the power it use to have and it drives them insane and to say outrageous things like this and that is a shame.

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