CNN Falsely Claimed Trump Launched a ‘Retaliation Campaign’ That Targeted 8 People

One thing you can always count on by the Left is that they will always lie when accusing President Donald Trump of lying.

They have a list of tens of thousands of lies by Trump, which when you get into it and analyze each one, they all contain either Olympic style stretching of the truth or an out and out lie by the Left.

Here's an example of a typical leftist accusing the president of lying:

TRUMP: I paid the guy $100.00.

LEFTIST: Yes, but after taxes, he only received $78.00; therefore, Trump lied.

CNN never disappoints in this respect.  The failing news network on Monday reported Monday that there were eight targets of “retaliatory firings” by President Donald Trump of administration officials and staff who testified against him in Congress during the impeachment inquiry.  In other words, CNN is claiming Trump has fired eight people as retaliation for testifying against him in the impeachment farce.

There's a problem with that claim.  Several on their list of eight that CNN said “left” or was “forced out” for retaliatory firings actually left for completely different reasons.  But when have facts stopped CNN from educating their tens of fans with propaganda to harm Trump?

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