Civil War Strikes The Democrat Party After Factions Stuck in “Full-Scale Brawl” Over Anti-Semitism Resolution

Civil War Strikes The Democrat Party After Factions Stuck in “Full-Scale Brawl” Over Anti-Semitism Resolution.

Opinion | House Democrats were unable to agree on a resolution for the anti-semitism that is growing in their party.

The party is starting to implode as they broke out into a fight during the closed door meeting on Wednesday where they were supposed to come up with an anti-semitism resolution.

The meeting erupted when some democrats protested the upcoming vote on a resolution that would condemn religious hatred.

This resolution was prompted my freshman Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, who has made several anti-semitic comments, including her most recent one suggesting that Israel supporters have “allegiance to a foreign country.”

Omar had previously apologized for her anti-semitic comments just last month. Now she has started a new crisis within the party when she accused pro-Israel Americans of having “allegiance to a foreign country.”

Democrats, who try to paint President Trump as a bigot and xenophobe, are panicking as they tried to do some damage control by promising a vote on a resolution to condemn anti-semitism.

They did not mention Omar exclusively and they added anti-muslim prejudice into the resolution as well.

The meeting began with some democrats pushing for Omar’s name to be used in the rebuke, but by the end of the heated meeting they decided not to name Omar and to add anti-muslim prejudice to the resolution.

The Democrat caucus was not satisfied with this decision. In great contrast, a resolution was passed in January, with support from Republicans, to rebuke the racist comments made by Republican Representative Steve King of Iowa.

They specifically named King in the first sentence of the resolution and his committee assignments were taken away by his own party.

Breitbart News reports, “Democrat leaders have declined to remove Omar from her committees — including the House Foreign Affairs Committee, where she oversees U.S.-Israel relations, among other contentious issues.”

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi had no definitive answer on when the anti-semitism resolution would be voted on. She also added that she didn’t feel that Congresswoman Ilhan Omar’s remarks were “intentionally” anti-semitic.

Yet, Omar has defended herself and repeated her anti-semitic comments even after being publicly condemned for them.

Breitbart reports:

Many pro-Israel Democrats — most of whom are not Jewish — have bristled at Omar’s suggestions that they owe allegiance to Israel, or that they had been bribed by pro-Israel groups. But the party has yet to take any action.

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