Frightening Video: Chinese Hazmat Team Throws Couple in Metal Cube, Horrified Woman Screams Inside As They Drive Off

GABRIEL KEANE| National File| A video of a couple apparently being forced into a mysterious metal cube in the back of a white pickup truck by men in pink hazmat suits is circulating on social media.

The footage shows two men in pink hazmat suits and possibly a third man holding an umbrella conversing on the sidewalk with a couple, on the opposite side of the street from the pickup truck emblazoned with what appear to be government markings.

The man comforts the woman with him, who appears to become increasingly distraught as the conversation unfolds.

A cut in the video then shows the couple entering the cube strapped to the back of the truck, carrying what appears to be hand luggage.

The woman in white still appears very reluctant to enter the cube.

She eventually enters the container, and her luggage is pushed in after her.

The video then registers a very distinct and high-pitched series of agitated screams as the truck drives away to an unknown destination.

The video has since circulated on image boards, YouTube, and Twitter.

Many people are disturbed by the footage.

In other coronavirus news, a photo of a brand-new “coronavirus hospital” posted and since-deleted on social media by a Chinese state newspaper turned out to actually an Alibaba stock image of a school building.

Editor’s Note: Obviously China is not going to confirm the video’s authenticity, we believe the footage to be genuine.  As always, what you decide to make it this is up to you.

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