BREAKING: Susan Rice’s Team Confirms She Was Directed By White House Counsel to Write January 20, 2017 Email About Secret Oval Office Meeting

Obama’s Former National Security Advisor, Susan Rice sent herself an email on January 20th, 2017, just hours before Obama left office in order to give herself and Obama cover for a meeting that had occurred over two weeks before.

It has now emerged that she did not think of the idea to write the memo herself, and that she was instructed by the White House Counsel to write the memo and I assume what should be in the memo as well.

The meeting was attended by Rice, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, James Clapper, John Brennan, Sally Yates and James Comey and the conversation was on Gen Michael Flynn, who was in contact with his Russian counterpart as new officials always do after the election.

Acting DNI Richard Grenell declassified and released the entire email this week without redactions. The email was evidently a means of covering the butts of those who attended the meeting and the words were specifically written in such a way as to claim that no illegal activity occurred.

From The Gateway Pundit

Barack Obama and Comey discussed Flynn’s communications with Kislyak.

Several times throughout the email, Susan Rice claimed Obama instructed law enforcement to proceed “by the book.”

Rice even wrote that Comey “affirmed that he is proceeding “by the book” as it relates to law enforcement.”

Former US Attorney Brett L. Tolman spoke out about the Susan Rice email to herself. In a series of tweets, he showed that Rice’s efforts were not only to cover her and Obama’s behinds, they were to cover everyone’s behinds.

US Attorney Brett Tolman was correct.

It was revealed on Wednesday that Susan Rice’s bizarre email to herself was directed by the White House counsel.

Via Fox News reporter Gillian Turner: Susan Rice’s team confirms to Fox News that she was directed by White House Counsel to write the Jan 20, 2017 memorandum documenting an Oval Office meeting in which President Obama and National Security officials discussed General Flynn.


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