Brooklyn Man Arrested for Hoarding Masks, Coughing on FBI Agents

Baruch Feldheim, 43, a Brooklyn man has been arrested for hoarding face masks and coughing at the police.

He is accused of hoarding N95 masks and selling them for seven times what they are worth. He directed another doctor to meet him at an Irvington, NJ auto repair shop to pick up an order.

That doctor told police that Feldheim was hoarding enough supplies to outfit a hospital. The materials included hand sanitizers, Clorox wipes, chemical cleaning agents and surgical supplies.

Feldheim was operating from his home in Brooklyn and police say he took possession of eight pallets of the surgical masks.

Last week, President Trump announced that the feds would be cracking down on hoarders and those who are taking advantage of the current situation in order to price gouge.

From The New York Post

On Sunday, they said they witnessed “multiple instances” of people approaching Feldheim’s residence and walking away with what appeared to be medical supplies.

The agents confronted Feldheim outside his house, keeping a safe social distance over coronavirus fears.

“When the agents were within four to five feet of him, Feldheim allegedly coughed in their direction without covering his mouth,” the US attorney’s release said. “At that point, Feldheim told the FBI agents that he had the Coronavirus,” the statement said.

Feldheim then allegedly lied to FBI agents regarding his possession and sale of medical supplies.

He falsely told the agents that he worked for a company that bought and sold PPE and that he never took physical custody of the materials.

Following Feldheim’s arrest, the FBI on Monday night raided a warehouse on Pennsylvania Avenue in an industrial section of Linden, NJ, that housed Feldhim’s suspected stash of 80,000 masks, a source said.

Mask-wearing agents and other workers placed the eight pallets of medical supplies into a box truck.

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