Bill de Blasio Threatens NYC Beachgoers ‘They’ll Be Taken Right Out of the Water’ Memorial Day Weekend

On Monday, New York City Mayor and tyrant extraordinaire Bill de Blasio (D) threatened New Yorkers who try and swim at the city’s public beaches on Memorial Day weekend that they will be removed from the water as part of an effort to fight further spreading of the (DISEASE THAT MAY NOT BE NAMED) DTMNBN-19 virus.

De Blasio said that New York City will begin putting up fencing alongside the city’s beaches and asked residents to not join large gatherings, and taking part in sports. Lifeguards will also be prohibited from being on duty.

It sounds like the Democrats are trying to make the lockdowns hurt.

“Anyone tries to get in the water, they’ll be taken right out of the water,” de Blasio said.

“It’s a dangerous situation to ever go in the water if there are no lifeguards present,” he added.

Even though NYC beaches are closed for Memorial Day weekend, New York Governor Andrew “We Neeeeed” Cuomo will permit beaches in other parts of the state to open.  Beaches in surrounding states are opening this weekend as well, but NYC beachgoers are out of luck.

As of Monday, New York City has over 193,000 coronavirus cases and 15,786 deaths, based on data tracked through Johns Hopkins University.

I’m thinking if New York voters are taking notes, that party may not maintain a one-party rules status, because many people are getting sick and tired being forced to stay home.  It’s unconstitutional and unamerican.

There are 10 regions in state of New York Half of them started reopening their economies as of Friday as New York City’s mayor said local officials are formulating how to deal with the DTMNBN-19 pandemic in upcoming hot summer time weather.

During a daily briefing, Cuomo announced that 5 of the state’s 10 regions have moved on from the restrictions of the statewide “NY Pause” order prohibiting all non-essential work.

However while the upstate regions of Central New York, Mohawk Valley, Finger Lakes, North Country, and the Southern Tier are reopening Friday, non-essential businesses in New York City, its surrounding suburbs, and a number of other areas will be forced to stay closed.

The Pause order was prolonged through May 28 for regions not meeting enough health criteria to allow for reopenings, however the areas can transfer on at any time if they meet them, Cuomo said.

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