Bernie Bro Arrested On Burglary, Vandalism, Attempted Arson Charges After Attacking GOP Office In Northern California

A Bernie Sanders supporter has been arrested for vandalism and possible attempt to commit arson at a GOP office in Northern California.

The genius tried to make his getaway on a bicycle but he was caught and cuffed.

This is the sixth time those offices have been vandalized.

Unhinged leftist activist Michael Vall was arrested in Eureka, California for vandalizing the offices.

This is a scene you had better get used to, especially if you remember all of the violence we incurred during the 2016 election and later on Inauguration Day.

When you can’t win a debate on facts, get violent.

That explains why leftists get violent so much. They have no facts to fall back on.

This is the third violent attack by the left in less than a week.

KRCR elaborates:

A man arrested on a slew of charges, including attempted arson of the Republican Party of Humboldt headquarters, is back out on the street after spending only a day in jail before posting bail.

On Saturday Feb. 8, at about 4:53 a.m., officers with the Eureka Police Department responded to the office on 5th Street for the report of a man smashing the windows.

The witness gave a description of the suspect and said he was last seen riding a bicycle toward the bay.

Officers quickly arrived on scene and saw the man on the Boardwalk. They said the suspect fled from them on the bike, but after a short pursuit he was detained.

According to the EPD, the suspect was found to be in possession of a “Trump” political flag. His bicycle had a “Bernie” political sticker prominently displayed, police said.

Police said they found the man, later identified as 43-year-old Michael Valls of Eureka, riding his bike near the foot of D Street. Police said Valls tried to flee from officers but was ultimately taken into custody after a brief struggle.

He was found to be in possession of items linking him to the vandalism on 5th Street, police said.

Inside the building, as if it had been thrown through one of the shattered windows, was a liquid chemical, according to police. Humboldt Bay Fire responded and determined the liquid was flammable, the EPD said.

Samples of the liquid were collected, photographs of the scene taken, and possible sources for video surveillance of the incident were identified.

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