Backing The Blue – Atlanta Police Getting $500 Bonuses!

Atlanta has been in the news more than about any city in the world. Lately, as one of the hot spots used by the radical BLM movement to justify anti-police violence and advance legislative changes to policing.

The shooting death of Rayshard Brooks, before any investigations had been completed, lead to the burning down of the Wendy’s whose parking lot was the scene of the shooting. The Fulton County DA, though under investigation himself, brought murder charges against Officer Garrett Rolfe, in spite of the video evidence.

In response to the DA’s actions, many Atlanta police officers called off of work. The police department’s Twitter account was used to assure the residents they had enough staff to provide services.

Finally, the good news.

From The Gateway Pundit

“On Thursday morning the Atlanta Police Foundation (APF) announced it was giving every police officer in Atlanta a $500 bonus.”

The Atlanta Police Foundation is a private organization that provides support to the mayor, the Chief of Police, and the Atlanta Police Department.”


Additionally, from WSBTV

“The foundation will also be purchasing 20 police cars to replace those that were destroyed in protests a few weeks ago.”

This is the America that I love and the way most Americans live their lives. Remember to thank a police officer today, buy them a coffee or at least say thank you. Without them, our communities will decline faster than the mind can imagine. For now, we are safe and in good hands.


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