Bill Clinton Spent Time On Jeffrey Epstein’s ‘Orgy Island,’ Netflix Documentary Says

Netflix has come out with a documentary that includes a former worker on “Orgy Island” that claims that he personally saw Clinton on the island despite the fact that Clinton has denied it several times.

The employee, Steve Scully, now 70, who maintained the phones and the internet on the island said several other important and famous people visited there although never when Bill Clinton was there.

Clinton, 73, has in the past admitted being on the “Lolita Express” but has steadfastly claimed he was never on the island. He rode on the “Lolita Express” about 23 times at last count. But he says he never took any flight going to the island.

Of course we all believe Bill because we all know he never lies. Oh, wait. He was convicted of perjury. That is lying is it not? So, maybe he was there and he just forgot, like Hillary always forgets when she is under oath?

The Sun.

Steve Scully, now 70, who maintained the phones and internet on the island, claims in the Netflix show that he saw Mr Clinton with Epstein sitting in the porch area of the island’s villa.

There were no other guests around at the time, he claims.

He also alleges he once saw another male guest of Epstein on the island completely naked surrounded by three topless girls, and he recalls seeing other “important people” coming and going from Little Saint James.

Mr Scully said: “You tell yourself that you didn’t know for sure and you never really saw anything, but that’s all just rationalization.

“Jeffrey Epstein, he was a guy who concealed his deviance very well—but he didn’t conceal it that well.”

From The Gateway Pundit

Prince Andrew palled around with Epstein for years, visiting his Manhattan penthouse, his Florida mansion, and his private island in the Caribbean. At one point, when the two were together in London, the prince was pictured with Virginia Roberts Guiffre, who claims that he had sex with her when she was just 17 years old.

Guiffre also claims she met former vice president Al Gore, according to documents unsealed in August 2019.

She “has stated in court papers and multiple interviews that Maxwell recruited her while she was working at Mar-a-Lago,” the Daily Mail reported. “Other famous friends that Roberts said she had met included Heidi Klum and Naomi Campbell, in addition to Gore.”

Said The Sun: “There is absolutely no evidence to suggest Mr Clinton — who has reportedly denied even visiting the island —  is in anyway linked to the underage sex investigation.”


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