A Man I Knew Just ‘Died Of Covid-19’ – What We Are Being Told Does Not Makes Sense

Lawrence David| Opinion| The world economy is in meltdown thanks to the Communist Chinese Party.  

They developed the novel coronavirus, they incubated it while publicly denying human-to-human transmission was a problem, they seeded the virus internationally, and they made a worldwide effort to buy up all of the personal protective equipment to later use for geopolitical leverage and profits.

Did the communist Chinese act purposefully as the reality that President Trump was in the process of undoing their 100-year belt and road initiative for world financial and military domination?  Does it matter?

Their behavior along every step of the way leaves little doubt that, at best, they didn’t give a damn for the death and financial destruction they were unleashing on the world, and at worst they were managing it.

We cannot undo what is done but we can, and must, understand if any Americans were complicit with the Chinese, if we are to prevent the same players from continuing to undermine our nation’s health and well-being.

Are the coronavirus numbers we’re being shown even close to accurate?  Reports are that anyone who dies with COVID-19 is listed as dying from COVID-19.  There’s something innately wrong with that.

Most men die with prostate cancer, not from it.  Listing COVID-19 as the cause of death when it was not the proximate cause of death may be stirring up anxiety, where none is warranted… especially if the number of cases have been severely over stated.

In turn this allows for the acceptance of draconian economic closures that the Chinese must be applauding.

Read this account and you decide what passes for bullspit…

(NJ.com)… Kurdyla, a Newark native and Rutgers Hall of Famer who went to work for the newspaper after injuries derailed his NFL career, died at his East Brunswick home on April 11 after suffering from symptoms common to the novel coronavirus. He was 60.

Kurdyla did not receive a test to confirm the virus but his death certificate states he died of cardiac arrest due to COVID-19,

Kevin was an All-American football player at Rutgers a few years after I graduated.

What if people are deliberately denied the appropriate care in order to inflate the death count?

Before you dismiss that possibility, ask yourself why two governors, both Democrats… elected by the citizens of their states to protect them… outlawed the use of Hydroxychloroquine when no other treatments were known to be helpful.

And, why did a deliberately tainted study of high-risk VA patients make headlines when it was found that uber high-risk, elederly veterans who were administered Hydroxychloroquine had a higher rate of death than a non-control group of relatively healthy younger people.

As new studies on people carrying antibodies against the virus have shown, the vast majority of people with COVID-19 may be asymptomatic or have such minor symptoms as to never seek medical help.  Maybe as many as 50-85 times the number who do seek medical attention.

If that’s true, it’s highly likely the death rate of the virus may be significantly less of a threat.  

Higher death rates would certainly be helpful to spreading economic chaos, something the Chinese communists clearly welcome… whether they were looking for that help or not.  And, of course, those Democrats did not have that intention. 

Be realistic, suspicions like these only become reasonable after watching the “disloyal opposition” attempt to remove this president by foisting a Russia hoax on us, followed by a 22-month attempt to antagonize the president in committing obstruction, followed by a substanceless impeachment.  

But, yeah, after 40 months of doing everything in their power to destroy the president and undermine the Constitution, and failing to meet the president halfway on any legislative initiative that might benefit the American people, and therefore might accrue to the president, pardon me if I question their intentions.

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