328 Chinese Nabbed Trying To Enter U.S. Illegally At Southern Border

Three hundred and twenty-eight potential carriers of the coronavirus tried to enter illegally into the United States but were nabbed by the Border Patrol.

If the Democrats had their way, the border would be completely open, and no country would be on a travel ban list.

That would allow for a free flow of illegals, with some possibly carrying coronavirus with them.

Acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad F. Wolf raised the issue of illegals that could be carrying the virus across our border.

Chinese citizens who fly here legally get screened, but those sneaking into the country aren’t screened unless they get caught.

Remember that come election day.

Only you can stop the liberals from destroying the country.

Wrote The Times:

Acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad F. Wolf raised the issue Tuesday with the House Homeland Security Committee, saying that illegal immigration presents a unique threat compared to legal travelers from China, who are being screened on arrival.

“The individuals that are coming in at our 11 airports that are being funneled. we have very good information of their travel history, of their medical history. We’re not going to have that same set of fidelity for the individuals if this continues to grow at the southwest border,” he said.

Mr. Wolf also said the spread of the virus in Mexico creates new complications, after the U.S. has forced tens of thousands of asylum-seekers to wait in that country while their cases are proceeding in American immigration courts.

Late last week a federal court issued a ruling that could result in thousands of them being admitted immediately.

The ruling was stayed, but Mr. Wolf said it could be a danger spot should the courts demand their entry.

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