Trump Says Obama, Hillary And Others Could Be Headed To Prison

Trump Says Obama, Hillary And Others Could Be Headed To Prison

Opinion | Jack Crane – Donald Trump announced on Friday that he believes those who were behind the spying scheme around his 2016 presidential campaign should serve time in jail.

“My Campaign for President was conclusively spied on,” Trump wrote in an early morning tweet. “Nothing like this has ever happened in American Politics.”

“A really bad situation. TREASON means long jail sentences, and this was TREASON!”

While the president didn’t get into specifics of who he thinks should spend time behind bars, this isn’t the first time that the Commander-in-Chief has branded a top government official a “traitor” or something similar.


Former FBI Director James Comey, former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe and others have been the subject of his frustration in the past.

Additionally, the president did tweet about Comey, making a not so vailed reference to what his future might hold:

“What happened is that Donald Trump won. Down goes Comey,” the quote read.

Trump also stood up for one of his would-be cabinet members who was one of the first subjects of the Russia probe, General Michael Flynn:

“It now seems th[at] General Flynn was under investigation long before was common knowledge,” Trump tweeted. “It would have been impossible for me to know this but, if that was the case, and with me being one of two people who would become president, why was I not told so that I could make a change?”

As for Attorney General William Barr, he seems to be holding up his end of what the president believes that an attorney general should do, and is investigating the origins of the Russia probe, via a special investigator.

During a Thursday interview on Fox News, Barr said that he wasn’t concerned with the frustration that has led Democrats to threaten him with jail time.

Barr said that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s accusation that he lied to Congress was “laughable” and seemed unconcerned about the attempt to hold him in contempt of Congress, according to Fox News.

“That’s part of the usual … political circus that’s being played out. It doesn’t surprise me,” he said.

Barr then shared details about the Justice Department’s investigation into the origins of the Russia investigation, saying that the answers that himself and the investigator have received up to this point have been “inadequate.”

“The first step is to find out exactly what happened, and we’re trying to get our arms around that, getting all the relevant information from the various agencies and starting to talk to some of the people that have information,” Barr told his interviewer.

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